Entry for 2 first weeks of #mayshroom instagram challenge:

Week 1

Shroomsona –– Your persona if you were a mushroom spirit

“She is the gardener who watches over tiny pink magical healers. Fireflies are Her eyes.”


Week 2

–– It’s said there’s a mushroom that can heal a broken heart if it is gathered under the right conditions. 

“On a May Fullest Moon,
Search uphill, under larch.
On a green bed of moss
You may find our kind. “

On a sweet winded May night, when the full Moon is playing catch with Venus, follow fireflies up the hill. 

Diamine ink and Kuretake brush pens on cotton 425g paper.
24 x 32 cm

Look for a weeping larch. Soothing fluffy mosses and emerald lichens hide a delicate treasure – soft pink, covered in nectar drops.

Heart Healing Mushrooms