#inktober is a known art challenge held in October and performed in ink.
And I looove ink. And brush pens.
For this series I used a Pentel calligraphy brush pen.
Each year there is a prompt list with a word for each day.

This time decided not to make an ink each day, but combine several day/words into thicker compositions for a more surreal, dive-into-subconscious perception.

Ring, mindless, freeze, build, bait, husky

ring – mindless – freeze – build – bait – husky

Enchanted, frail, swing, pattern, snow, dragon, ash

enchanted – frail – swing – pattern – snow – dragon – ash

Overgrown, legend, wild, ornament

overgrown – legend – wild – ornament

Misfit, sling, tread, treasure, ghost, ancient

misfit – sling – tread – treasure – ghost – ancient

Dizzy, tasty, dark, coat, ride, injured, catch, ripe

dizzy – tasty – dark – coat – ride – injured – catch – ripe

All – Ink on cotton 425g paper. 
24 x 32 cm