Projects goal – brand styling for jewelry brand by MONOCHROME, INK, JELLYFISH are concept’s keywords EVROfABER pieces are inspired by Nature, Poetry, all things Celestial, and Craftsmanship of the old days. Photo reference – shoot by Viktorija Jermolajeva Round 1 – finding form From very first drafts, the style has been evolving as “alchemic”. […]

Locals Photo Logo

Victoria akaLocals Photo is a Latvian photographer known for her fantasy like time slice style and love for light/shadow play. We started with something likely and something quite unlikely, just in case: After a brainstorm call and some digging for metaphor, four more options were chosen for round 2: The winner was given a custom […]

Yield Up

Task: Logo design Web design/UX The Logo “Something modern, fresh. Maybe some crops.” Web build structure/flow pick overall style choose color scheme illustrate


Tulpa/DUSHA is Anna Martinova, a Netherlands based sound producer, songstress, and Modular Moon School mom. DUSHA logo A Thunderbird was chosen as a spirit/logo for the DUSHA project, inviting to explore the realms of inner space & time. Modular Vapor Wave art Cover Art for INTERLINKED release Also – portrait of Anna.

Saulart Logo

SAULART is a Latvia based creatives collective, specializing in event organization, psychedelic decorations, visual arts, music, dance, performance etc. Concept SAULART = Saule (“Sun” lat.) + Art Task: visualize Saulart’s essential mood in a symbol, might incorporate design motifs already made by the collective members, express event atmosphere hosted by. Mood: psychedelic, chill, sacral geometry, […]

Synergia || Lastadija

SYNERGIA Lastādija – a local festival held and organized by Saulart collective, hosted at Lastādija neighborhood and P11 unit of FREE RIGA project in Riga, Latvia, on July 6th 2019. Task: visual identity. Logo Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic […]


WINTERSHIFT Lastadia Carnival – a local indoor winter festival held and organized by Saulart collective, hosted at P11 unit of FREE RIGA project in Riga, Latvia. 7/12/2019 Task: visual identity. Background Mood: winter, time shift, colorful, bright. Choice of three: The team has given most votes to the brightest option. So it became the design […]


Task: to design an app for those willing to master the basics of modern finance. First take: minimal & flat: Yet it was decided to go for a more cartoony look: So please meetCapitalistic Shark, StartUp Unicorn & Classy(c) Teddy User flow according to script:


Woolings are a designer footwear brand from Latvia, known for ecological materials, bold designs & a handmade touch. The comfort of their footwear had been evaluated by Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood herself 🤎 Brochure design & illustrations Additional visuals

Smartphone backgrounds

In 2011 I got to work on 3 projects from same bidder via a freelancer portal, making time-of-the-year themed design sets for smartphones. Enjoyed this one a lot tbh.Made me each time pay attention to Nature, its moods, & the little details. Spring Summer Autumn