War Medics

A double commission for a charity NFT cause. War Medics ~ Fantasy Healers ~ Cyborg Fixers – a bare glimpse of Space/Time variations of same concept.


taciturn /ˈtasɪtəːn/ adjective (of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.”after such gatherings she would be taciturn and morose” In Times of Turmoiol – one turnes taciturn sometimes. Afloat in a Storm. Exhausted. Eyes on horizon. Again.

Dame Sorrow

Once upon a time I was the maiden who turned away from the battle. Today I ride the dragon I once feared and call myself Queen. – Ara


Projects goal – brand styling for jewelry brand by MONOCHROME, INK, JELLYFISH are concept’s keywords EVROfABER pieces are inspired by Nature, Poetry, all things Celestial, and Craftsmanship of the old days. Photo reference – shoot by Viktorija Jermolajeva Round 1 – finding form From very first drafts, the style has been evolving as “alchemic”. […]

Locals Photo Logo

Victoria akaLocals Photo is a Latvian photographer known for her fantasy like time slice style and love for light/shadow play. We started with something likely and something quite unlikely, just in case: After a brainstorm call and some digging for metaphor, four more options were chosen for round 2: The winner was given a custom […]

Emerald Debris

Always fascinated by Nature, I am trying to catch Its chaotic, dynamic, eerie and wild beauty in my inks. Watching the interaction of physical and botanical laws, watching the trees grow, bow, break, fall apart and regrow is one of my favorite shows on Earth. –– Do you get affected by nature?–– A little…


Entry for 2 first weeks of #mayshroom instagram challenge: Week 1 Shroomsona –– Your persona if you were a mushroom spirit “She is the gardener who watches over tiny pink magical healers. Fireflies are Her eyes.” Week 2 –– It’s said there’s a mushroom that can heal a broken heart if it is gathered under the […]


Mermaid of the River Maa Delta Shark is her horse, moray’s her pet, angler fish her helmet, Ocean her home. & Her Sisters Ink on canvas18 x 24 cm x 2 It is said that Crinoids or Sea Lilies might have “bloomed” over Earth’s Ocean’s bottom for 485 million years. Might be even more.  “Moreena” […]

Yield Up

Task: Logo design Web design/UX The Logo “Something modern, fresh. Maybe some crops.” Web build structure/flow pick overall style choose color scheme illustrate


Tulpa/DUSHA is Anna Martinova, a Netherlands based sound producer, songstress, and Modulad Moon School mom. DUSHA logo A Thunderbird was chosen as a spirit/logo for the DUSHA project, inviting to explore the realms of inner space & time. Modular Vape art Cover Art for INTERLINKED release Also – portrait of Anna.

Saulart Logo

SAULART is a Latvia based creatives collective, specializing in event organization, psychedelic decorations, visual arts, music, dance, performance etc. Concept SAULART = Saule (“Sun” lat.) + Art Task: visualize Saulart’s essential mood in a symbol, might incorporate design motifs already made by the collective members, express event atmosphere hosted by. Mood: psychedelic, chill, sacral geometry, […]

Synergia || Lastadija

SYNERGIA Lastādija – a local festival held and organized by Saulart collective, hosted at Lastādija neighborhood and P11 unit of FREE RIGA project in Riga, Latvia, on July 6th 2019. Task: visual identity. Logo Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic […]


WINTERSHIFT Lastadia Carnival – a local indoor winter festival held and organized by Saulart collective, hosted at P11 unit of FREE RIGA project in Riga, Latvia. 7/12/2019 Task: visual identity. Background Mood: winter, time shift, colorful, bright. Choice of three: The team has given most votes to the brightest option. So it became the design […]


Task: to design an app for those willing to master the basics of modern finance. First take: minimal & flat: Yet it was decided to go for a more cartoony look: So I made some toy character designs to fit all 🙂Meet Capitalistic Shark, Rainbow Unicorn & Classy Teddy And after that I would elaborate […]


A set of ink paintings, 2017. Inspired by ukiyo-e, shades of mystical purple, samurai armor, long winter nights, trip to Japan, sumi ink paintings, calligraphy and dark tales. Wind Has Changed A silent observer feels the change of air. Enter a dark valley, traveler. Acrylic and Chinese traditional ink, sumi brush on Hahnemühle watercolor paper.Framed […]


Woolings are a designer footwear brand from Latvia, known for ecological materials, bold designs & a handmade touch. The comfort of their footwear had been evaluated by Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood herself 🤎 Brochure design & illustrations Additional visuals