SYNERGIA Lastādija – a local festival held and organized by Saulart collective, hosted at Lastādija neighborhood and P11 unit of FREE RIGA project in Riga, Latvia, on July 6th 2019.

Task: visual identity.


Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word συνεργία synergia from synergos, συνεργός, meaning “working together”.

constructed from simple geometric shapes the logo’s meant to resemble “sacral geometry” patterns


The background for SYNERGIA || is made of a mirrored live-painting I did at the first SYNERGIA event in Winter 2019.


A set of designs for social media use & print was created:

poster / flyer

Really glad of how the stickers turned out. Got myself one as a colorful memo.

custom infographic symbols
facebook cover