SAULART is a Latvia based creatives collective, specializing in event organization, psychedelic decorations, visual arts, music, dance, performance etc.


SAULART = Saule (“Sun” lat.) + Art

Task: visualize Saulart’s essential mood in a symbol, might incorporate design motifs already made by the collective members, express event atmosphere hosted by.

Mood: psychedelic, chill, sacral geometry, string art, playful, colorful, art + craft.


We agreed upon a round brush stroke to portray the “solar” theme: real ink brush stroke got traced into a vector object.


In search of a perfect psychedelic feel, some dead end branches:

The one I liked

Combination that felt most holistic. Also: kind of fit into golden ratio 🙂

Alternative placement:

This iteration was supposed to be used in a wide range of visual interpretations – from simplified “filled” text stamp to psychedelic watercolor mask:

Yet the crew wanted it more “solar”.

Swoosh change

A vector from crew member had been received, edited and used as the new symbol.

New proportion would emphasize the “solar” aspect, text being a kind of “flare” to the symbolic “sun”.


solar swoosh, sacral geometry & iridescent color scheme
background edited from original photo by (c) Alisa Kazarina @ LMA Carnival 7/2/2020 – decorations by Saulart
Saulart collective